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Maple Ridge, B. C.

    Contributed by Micheal Komick of Preferred Edge Knives.

Maple Ridge is a large town about 25 km east of Vancouver. The population is about 70,000. In this district there were three smaller towns – Haney, Port Hammond and Pitt Meadows. Haney and Port Hammond joined and they are called Maple Ridge. Pitt Meadows remains separate but there have been talks about the two combining and being called Maple Meadows.

My wife and I moved to Pitt Meadows on the west side of Maple Ridge in 1978. We lived in a mobile home (trailer) for ten years. In 1988 and two children later we upgraded to a house in Pitt Meadows. Ten years later we built a house on the west part of Maple Ridge. I worked at different places as a welder, welding instructor and welding inspector. In the spring of 2001, I was laid off at Finning and turned my "hobby" business into a full-time business. E. I. assisted me with a 10 week marketing course and now the business is growing. While not as fast as I would like it to, it is growing. I make Native style carving tools for wood carvers. I have a website and the address is www.preferrededge.ca. The business is named Preferred Edge Carving Knives and Supplies. My wife has the hard job she, cooks the… I mean does the books.

There are many pluses living in a small community like Maple Ridge. The first one I can think of is affordable housing. There was no transit here in '78 but now we have West Coast Express, a train which will take us right to downtown Vancouver in 40 minutes, and a bus service which will connect you with any other community in the Lower Mainland. We are still waiting for a bridge over the Fraser River to connect to the freeway. It is expected to be in place by 2008.

Sports is big in Maple Ridge and surrounding areas. Greg Moore, Larry Walker and Cam Nellie along with other famous sports people came from Maple Ridge. We have a new sports complex in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows along with two new ice rinks and three rinks per town. There are many other activities in and around Maple Ridge. The Golden Ears Park and Alouette mountains are in our back yard with miles of trails. There are many horse back riding trails in the back woods near Maple Ridge.

Maple Ridge has a good variety of industry, but we don't want it to become too industrialized. There are two good size industrial sites, one at each end of Maple Ridge.

If you want to find out more about Maple Ridge go to our website at www.mapleridge.org and enjoy. Thank you for honoring us with your visit to Maple Ridge, B.C., Canada. We hope you will visit us in person one day.

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